• Our Aviva Campaign – Gathering Community through Creativity

    Posted on October 6, 2013 by in News


    Magpie’s Nest is made up of a group of multigenerational women who believe in creative art-making for all. We want to be the public homeplace where people gather to create community through creativity. We have hosted 10 pop-up studios (art from nature, fabric mural, embroidered map, mail art and other ) and a new moms group in community centres, neighbourhood houses, homes and centres in East Vancouver. We have received small grants and hosted recent fundraisers, but are looking for more support as we transition into a studio of our own. Funds raised will go toward the running of our not-for-profit studio space.

    This studio will be a safe place of belonging for families and individuals in the Hastings-Sunrise (and beyond) community to build self-confidence, relationships, and to come and work together as equals. The space will be a meeting place for all ages to work together and learn from each other, in a way that doesn’t always happen naturally in our society. Individuals at all stages of life can learn from one another, and create in a hands-on way, as a respite from our fast-paced technology driven lives.

    The space will become a safe and trustworthy community hub and can be a remedy for the loneliness and isolation felt by many members of our community, as highlighted by the Vancouver Foundation. ”When the Vancouver Foundation sought to hone their focus as a community foundation, they polled 275 charitable foundations and 100 community leaders in 2011 to find out what their most pressing issue was. Much to their surprise, the top issue wasn’t poverty or homelessness—it was isolation and disconnection.”

    It is important to us that we work together as a true community, inter-generationally, and with people from different backgrounds and experiences. Creative art and craft is the perfect way to share and learn from people we might not necessarily meet otherwise, and transcends language. By working alongside your neighbours in a welcoming home away from home, the community, individual well-being and every day interactions will be enriched. With a heavy focus on upcycling, the Magpies find potential in discarded materials and bring them a new, beautiful life.

    Like the bird that inspire us, we look forward to collecting shiny bits of meaning, hope and potential with our community in our urban landscape.

    You can support us by voting for us daily at AVIVA

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