• Kundalini Yoga with Paula Cook

    Posted on June 3, 2014 by in News

    Paula Cook is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. Come join her for an introductory, all-levels Kundalini yoga class. Each class will explore postures, breathing, chanting, deep relaxation, and meditation in order to balance your physical, glandular and nervous system.

    Join us at Magpie’s Nest (2652 East Hastings) Saturday June 7 and 21 from 5:30-6:30 (Solstice event) to try Paula’s Kundalini class! $10 Drop-in, no experience necessary, ages 12+

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    Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is the Yoga of Awareness. It is a householder’s path, which means that the yogi continues to do normal life while on the spiritual path. Kundalini yoga is a sacred science. Though thousands of years old, it is a comprehensive technology ideally suited to people who lead active lives in today’s world.

    Some of the benefits of Kundalini yoga classes include relief from stress, lymphatic cleansing, liver detoxification, developing will power and enhanced creativity.

    The focus is on balancing the glandular system, strengthening the 72,000 nerves of the body and bringing the body, mind and soul into balance.

    Kundalini Yoga was carefully handed down by oral tradition from master to disciple for centuries and was always kept very secret. In fact, it was never taught openly until 1969 when Yogi Bhajan challenged this secrecy and brought it to the west and began teaching publicly.

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