• Instructions for Tissue Paper Collage

    Posted on May 4, 2014 by in News


    Tissue Paper CollageAbstract Tissue Paper Collage


    - White card stock for collage backing

    - White glue dilated 1:1 with water

    - Sponge brush

    - Coloured tissue paper


    1. Begin by tearing up various colours of tissue paper into large and small shapes and sizes.

    2. Cover the entire card stock backing with diluted white glue.

    3. Place your large and small pieces of tissue paper on the wet glue. Brush the top of each piece of tissue paper with glue.

    4. Experiment with using the lightest coloured tissue paper first and layer the darker colours on top. Or, for a more dramatic collage, start with the darkest colours as your collage base, and add the lighter and brighter colours on top.

    5. Coat the entire surface of your collage with diluted white glue, taking care that the glue is thin enough so that it does not tear the tissue paper.


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